Community Employers WA (CEWA) was established in late 2007, by a group of 29 CEOs of non-government, not-for-profit community service provider organisations (founding members) in Western Australia.

CEWA’s primary concerns are threefold:

1. Many community sector organisations are being increasingly challenged to maintain sustainable services with the current government funding levels, which are often below the cost of service delivery

2. The community sector in WA needs a stronger and more meaningful relationship with Government; and

3. We need to increasingly engage the broader community in understanding and supporting the key work of the sector in working with marginalised and vulnerable people in our community, and in strengthening civil society.

CEWA’s operations are solely funded by its member organisations, which demonstrates both the commitment of these organisations and the importance they place on achieving CEWA’s objectives.

Community Employers WA was officially launched in November 2008.

In July 2009, CEWA appointed an Executive Director to manage its day-to-day operations, further demonstrating its commitment to achieving its strategic objectives.

In September 2009, CEWA was officially registered as an Employer Organisation by the Industrial Relations Commission of Western Australia, under the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1979.

CEWA currently represents over 170 community service organisations in WA, with a growing membership base. Our members employ in excess of 30,000 staff

Community Employers WA is not a peak body and seeks to collaborate and cooperate with existing peak and other representative bodies which have aims and objectives similar to CEWA. Board Members as at 31 December 2022