Community Employers WA is the association of WA NFP Community Services Employers which facilitates collective action for strong and sustainable community services.


Sustainable community services providing fair and just employment, recognised as vital and diverse by the Government and the Community.


CEWA’s key values are:

· Collaboration

· Influence

· Outcomes focus

· Courage

Strategic Objectives

· Funding and Policy – Collaborating and influencing positive outcomes in government funding and policy decisions that impact the sector employers

· Sector Employer Value – Demonstrating the current and potential value of the sector employers to governments and the community

· Sector Employee Value – Influencing the system to recognise the valuable role of community sector employees and enable the provision of fair, attractive and safe employment arrangement and structures in the community sector

· Workforce Capability – Influencing the system to attract and develop a workforce with the culture, capacity and capability to deliver communities’ needs

· Member Network – Connecting and supporting members to enable collective action on shared issues